Sweat Equity

As I coach, I passionately believe that games are won in practice.  The mental and physical preparation that a team goes through when the gym is empty conditions them to perform well when the gym is full.  Practice is the means of creating automatic responses by the athletes, so when the pressure of competition comes … Continue reading Sweat Equity

Where are You Going?

Years ago when my oldest daughter was in middle school, I decided to apply her to an academically rigorous magnet school.  I was thrilled when she got accepted.  However, the feeling was not mutual and the news was met with tears because she wanted to attend a neighborhood school with her friends.  Now that she … Continue reading Where are You Going?

Rental Rehab

No matter how many places you have lived, you always remember your first apartment. I got my first digs back in 1996.  I was totally into sunflower print, and really cheesy slipcovers that didn’t look anything like the picture on the package. The walls were that awkward white you only find in apartments, but I had … Continue reading Rental Rehab

Connect the Dots

What do you picture when you hear the word “wisdom”?   Does someone like this come to mind…. Or maybe more of an intellectual….     If you’re into animals, wisdom could remind you of this…….       But wisdom is not just about experience or intellect, and it’s definitely not about mythology. Wisdom … Continue reading Connect the Dots