Where there is no vision, the people perish…

My last post was about learning to be content, and I concluded that contentment was not the same as settling.  We should still look ahead to a prosperous future, and once we have accepted our current place in life there is no better time to begin a vision for that future. I think contentment precedes success, because now all of the energy that was wasted grumbling, complaining and worrying about our situation, can now be put into taking action and moving forward.  Now a vision is more than just imagining a great life for yourself; if that was all it required, we would all have one.  Mine would include being married to this guy  🙂


A vision takes going a little bit deeper.  It takes thinking about your natural talents and abilities and forming a plan on how those things can be used to not only bring satisfaction to your life, but to help and serve others; to make a difference.  God gives us all unique interests and desires, and when we use them we feel inspired and fulfilled.  It just takes a little digging to not only discover them but to also figure out how to use them in a practical sense to your life.  A life vision isn’t complete without  including  faith, family and friends, because these are the things that make our lives worthwhile, but they are often things that we neglect.  When we include these areas into our life vision, we can actively plan how we are going to grow in our faith and cultivate the relationships that we have with the people who are important to us.

A life vision that we have carefully thought out and written down can be a great motivation when we feel that life is just becoming a daily grind.  We can pull it out and read it and remember that we are striving for something better, and it maybe just a few more steps before we get there.


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