U-Turn Required

Most of us are familiar with the biblical story of David and Goliath, where a young shepard boy kills a terrorizing giant with a sling shot.  It’s a great story of how David puts his faith and focus on God, and becomes a hero for defeating this menacing giant.  David later becomes a successful King of Israel, and wins many battles with God’s help.  That was the upside of David, but he is also known for having a downside.  During his life, David committed adultery, murder, and his family put the “DIS” in dysfunctional.  But even still, David was called a “man after God’s own heart” by God himself.  (Acts 13:122)

Yesterday someone asked me if there was one thing in my life I could do differently, what would it be.  It was kind of an odd question to be asked taking into consideration that I was refereeing a basketball game, and this was half-time.  Normally we refs take this time to make fun of the overbearing parents, but I guess my partner had some deeper thoughts on his mind.  As I thought about his question, several moments in my life came to mind as I, just like David, have had my fair share of downfalls.  I have often wondered if I would ever have success in certain areas of my life because of those failures.  But if you go back to the story of David you see that God still showed him favor despite what he did.  So how can a man that commits murder and adultery be called a “man after God’s own heart”?  It’s because after David failed, and sometimes failed miserably, he took ownership of his sin and showed true repentance.  He never resided in the place of failure, but poured out his heart to God in true sorrow and let God pick him back up. (Psalm 51)  It’s the same with us….past failure does NOT nullify future purpose. God already knows that we are all going to fail so He never expects us to be perfect, He only expects that we be repentant ant turn back to him.

“Since the time of your ancestors you have turned away from my laws and have not followed them. Return to me, and I will return to you, says the LORD of Armies.” (Malachi 3:7)

So my answer to his question, was that I wouldn’t do anything different.  Of course some of the failures brought great pain, but after the smoke cleared sometimes there were great blessings.  It also brought an opportunity for God to pick me back up just like He did David, and chisel me bit by bit into the person He is making me into.  God made a miracle out of David, and He can make one out of me too, because that is His specialty…taking ordinary people and doing extraordinary things!

One thought on “U-Turn Required

  1. Love this! I completely agree – the mistakes we make is what has allowed us to arrive to where we are today; albeit @ times very painful & difficult but blessings in the end. Great post!

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