Unwrap Your Gift

Shew, the last few days I have had a lot on my plate, so the time in between posts was longer than I expected.  Part of my busy-ness included starting on a new project.  Just as I had decided to take on this endeavor, someone gave me a book to read.  Coincidentally, the story reflected perfectly the principles needed for what I was setting out to accomplish.

The book was called “Gifted Hands”, and it is the memoir of Dr. Benjamin Carson.  Raised by a single mother, who only had a third grade education, Carson become the youngest Director of Pediatric Neurosurgery at John Hopkins Hospital at the age of 32.  Once at the bottom of his class in grade school, and called a “dummy” by his classmates, Carson graduated from Yale University and then went to Medical School at the University of Michigan.  Carson has made medical history with some of the operations he has executed, and has saved so many children’s lives.  Even though his mother had such little education, she stressed it’s importance to Carson, and with hard work and determination, he has become the incredible surgeon that he is today.  In the book, Carson also talks about the role that God has played in his journey to become a surgeon.  One day in science class as a youth, Carson says that something sparked in him and he knew that he wanted to be a doctor; after that it was the only thing he saw himself doing.  Later, during his training he saw that he had superior hand-eye coordination that lets him “see” in three- dimensions.  Carson says, “It’s my belief that God gives us all gifts, special abilities that we have the privilege of developing to help us serve Him and humanity.” Ben Carson worked extremely hard to become the success that he is, but his story also demonstrates that God gives us all a desire to accomplish something, and that he gives us the ability and talent to do it.

Have you ever felt that you were made to do a particular thing?  Do you have a dream of accomplishing something, that has never gone away?  That could be a desire that has been given to you from God, just like Carson’s desire to be a doctor.  There is a verse in the book of Nehemiah that backs this up.  Nehemiah, who had been called to rebuild the wall of Jerusalem, says, “I had not told anyone what my God had put in my heart to do for Jerusalem” (Nehemiah 2:12). But before he set out to undertake this project, he prayed about it; that would be the first step. (Nehemiah 1:5)

Once the desire is in your heart, don’t think it will be an obstruction free road.  There will always be some type of opposition.  Nehemiah faced insults and even death threats, while Ben Carson faced an economic disadvantage growing up, insults from his classmates due to his poor grades, and critics when undertaking controversial surgeries.  But both of them stayed on the course that God laid out for them, and stayed connected to Him.  In the end, not only was each man successful in completing their tasks, but God was glorified.

“So on October 2 the wall was finished–just fifty-two days after we had begun.When our enemies and the surrounding nations heard about it, they were frightened and humiliated. They realized this work had been done with the help of our God.” (Nehemiah 6:15,16)

As I mentioned earlier, I’m taking on a project that will unwrap a gift that God has given me.  I was able to open it a little bit some years ago, but had to put it back on the shelf for a while, and wait for the right timing to get it back down.  Do you have a gift that needs to be opened?  Ask God if it’s the right time for you to venture out, and if you are already living your God given passion, I encourage you to keep adding to your knowledge.  As I learned from Ben Carson’s story, knowledge makes you invaluable.  We all love to receive presents, so don’t live your life without unwrapping the one that God gave you!

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