“May I have your attention please…” 

This phrase usually comes before someone has something really important to say, and it seemed like today God had a megaphone pointed in my direction yelling that to me.  I used to start off the morning with coffee, toast and God.  You know- a morning devotion, bible reading and some praying.  But then my cell phone began to join us, and I was becoming much too aware of my unread emails during this time. Sure, I was still reading and praying, but I was doing that in between text messages and email replies.  God was competing against the guy on the other end of my cell phone, and the people out in cyberspace.

“Therefore be clear minded and self-controlled so that you can pray.” (1 Peter 4:7)

I’ve written a few posts about following God’s direction for your life, but I may have forgotten one minor detail.  We have to stop and listen.  In a world where multi-tasking and crammed schedules are the norm, it’s the “stopping” part that presents a challenge for us.  Through prayer and bible reading we can get God’s direction, His peace and His desires for us; but He is not going to talk over our distractions.  He will just patiently wait until we can give Him our full attention.

Tonight I am going “unplugged”.  After typing this post, I am powering off my computer for the night.  Then instead of sleeping with my cell phone (it has it’s own pillow), I’m turning it off; something that is never done unless I get on an airplane.  Tonight I will be spending time with someone that I have been neglecting lately.  So go ahead God, speak….you now have my attention.


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