He didn’t say “no”, He just said “wait”…

When my kids ask me for something, and I tell them to wait and let me think about it, they usually assume my answer will be no.  When they ask their dad, and he says the same thing, they assume his answer will be yes.  I guess I’m the tough one, and he is pegged as the push-over.

Have you ever asked someone for something, but already assumed what the answer would be? Something like this, “They will probably say no, but I will ask anyway”.  Oh ye of little faith.

I think that scenario can sometimes reflect my prayer life.  I have prayed for something, and God didn’t say “no”, He just said “wait”.  But exercising patience can often be a difficult task.  So after I have waited, as long as I can stand, I start to assume that the answer is really going to be no, so I should just take it upon myself to work out the situation.  Does that course of action sound familiar to anyone?  Taking matters into our own hands, usually just causes a bigger debacle that God has to rescue us from.  Thankfully, He doesn’t lose His patience with us.

I heard a quote to sum this up.  “God will give it to you when He feels you are ready for it”.  As a parent, that makes perfect sense.  I wouldn’t give my daughter the keys to the car, until she was fully trained and prepared for the responsibility.  Not because I’m some cruel, evil mom (not always at least); but because I want to keep her safe, so I have to make sure she is ready.

“But I am certain that, even now, whatever request you make to God, God will give it to you.” (John 11:22)

We are supposed to bring our requests to God all of the time. (Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything, Phil. 4:6) Sometimes He will answer “yes”.  Sometimes He will answer “no”.  Sometimes He will answer “wait”.  If the answer is “wait” and time has been passing, don’t get discouraged.  He didn’t close your door,   He just wants to be the one to open it for you.

One thought on “He didn’t say “no”, He just said “wait”…

  1. Thank you for that! I find myself playing creator, director, producer, staring actress & MVP in my own life, simply due to the fact that I cannot humble myself to ask for help…bc I anticipate the answer will be “no” or “not right now..maybe later”. So I just do it all myself & give credit to myself ONLY.

    Thanks for the reminder…i will need it today especially, actually for the remainder of the week! 😉

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