A Lesson on Mercy

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I was standing at the airport counter last Saturday in disbelief.  The agent informed me that out of the two major airports here in Dallas, I was at the wrong one, and my flight left in one hour.  The destination was home to Indianapolis; a place I had not visited in 13 years.  The occasion was one that was shockingly unexpected; the death of my 35 year old step-brother.  I was doubtful I could get to the other airport on time, but I had to try.  I had booked a non-changeable, non-refundable, discount ticket through a travel website and passed on purchasing the travel insurance because I thought, “what could possibly go wrong?” Untitled design (1)

My husband dropped me off at the airport, so I had to call him to circle back for me.  While waiting I called the 1-800 number for the airline.  The employee on the phone could not help me since I booked my flight through a travel website.  I called the travel website and explained the situation, but their only advice was that I should have looked over the flight information more carefully. Not exactly what I was hoping to hear.   I could book another flight, but I would not only lose my money for the original ticket, but have to pay for another one!  

Untitled designWhen my husband finally arrived, I cried, cursed myself for being so careless, and begged God for a miracle during the 25 minute ride.  It was 7:04 a.m. when we pulled into the correct airport parking lot, but that was 4 minutes too late.  The expense of a new ticket, in addition to what I already spent, was just too much.  I resigned myself to the fact that I would not make this funeral.  My husband thought we should go to the ticket desk anyway, but insisted we pray first.

The faithful love of the Lord never ends!  His mercies never cease.  Great is his faithfulness; his mercies begin afresh each morning.  Lamentations 3:22-23

We walked up to three agents who were standing behind the ticket counter.  I was too emotional to speak, so my husband explained to one of them my error and the passing of my brother.  What happened next was an up close lesson on mercy….

The Anderson family picnicThe employees apologized for my loss and with no questions asked, one of them went to her computer and put me on the next flight.  My husband asked if there was a fee for the change, but the agent said not to worry about that; there would be no charge.  I was crying before from disappointment, but now I was crying from gratitude. I failed to purchase trip insurance.  I didn’t check my flight carefully.  But instead of giving me what I deserved, God gifted me with mercy on that morning via an airline ticket agent.  

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