The Economics of Discipleship

There is no such thing as a free lunch.  This was one of the few principles that I remember and actually understood from my college economics class.  It’s a principle that basically means nothing is free; everything has a cost. Let’s look at marriage. Many of us only count the cost of the wedding and … Continue reading The Economics of Discipleship

Caution: Friend Zone

I married my husband Albert 4 years ago and people often ask how we met.  It’s not a romantic story, but it usually gets a little chuckle.  We both referee basketball and were working at the same gym one night.  Our courts were next to each other, and Albert came over during halftime of one … Continue reading Caution: Friend Zone

Decisions, Decisions

We make hundreds of decisions every day and most of them concern ordinary and everyday events.  But what do we do when an important decision needs to be made, and neither choice looks like it's good. Some friends of mine had to choose between taking a job in a city where they did not want … Continue reading Decisions, Decisions