The Economics of Discipleship

The Economics of Discipleship

free luchThere is no such thing as a free lunch.  This was one of the few principles that I remember and actually understood from my college economics class.  It’s a principle that basically means nothing is free; everything has a cost. Let’s look at marriage. Many of us only count the cost of the wedding and honeymoon, but forget the lifelong price tag of daily dying to self and putting our spouses first. The economics of becoming a disciple are often miscalculated by good intentioned Christians.  We forget Jesus requires a cost that goes beyond what we bargained for in order to follow him.  

My husband Albert was recently in a position where he was presented with such a cost. Today he is sharing the experience below……

My heart was restless because I had the spiritual gifts, training, and experience to serve in ministry.  God placed in my heart a desire to help His people grow spiritually.  However, I was not serving in that capacity.  The Holy Spirit was urging me to get off the sideline and back in the game, so I prayed and asked the Lord to show me the way.  “Give me wisdom and direction and I will follow it,” I said, “Even if it means giving up football officiating.”  Over the last decade.  I have poured my heart and soul into becoming a college football official.  Thousands of dollars have been spent on camps and clinics perfecting my craft.  I’ve spent countless weekends away from my family, in season and out.  It’s become a consuming passion and an integral part of my identity.  So the last part of my prayer was tongue in cheek.

God did not waste time, because soon after that prayer, a possible ministry opportunity came up.  It was in a growing, leadership-rich environment, led by one of the most dynamic leaders I have ever been around. I was excited to even be considered. There was only one catch.  It required my attendance at church every Saturday and Sunday. I would have to give up football officiating. My heart sunk.  I asked Jesus to lead me, but did not consider the cost. I was playing poker with God and he called my bluff.  The situation exposed that my allegiance wasn’t really to Him, but to me and my own dreams.  

“In the same way, those of you who do not give up everything you have cannot be my disciples.”  Luke 14:33

Stay Strongand FreeI had God all wrong.  He blessed me with something that I held very dearly.  Why would He ask me to surrender it?  But that’s exactly how God works.  You must be willing to give up everything you cherish.  

What cost is too high for you to follow Jesus?

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