Growing Up

The Lilypad

Earlier this week, I wanted my 3 year old son to come into the kitchen where I was cleaning so I yelled out his name.  “Gabriel, come here!

He didn’t move a muscle, but he did reply, “What’s the problem, mommy?” with a matter-of-factness unusual for a toddler.

His sisters overheard this exchange and cracked up laughing.  I may have suppressed a giggle as I wondered, “Where in the world did he learn that phrase?”  sassy

It’s amazing what kids pick up from their surroundings.  They are in a constant state of developing physically and learning new information and skills daily. This is what we refer to as “growing up”. But why should this process be limited to childhood?

And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man.  Luke 2:52

The Christian life should be dynamic, but for that to be true we must never stop growing up!  Jesus was fully God, but he was on earth in a human body (Hebrews 2:17) and experienced growth just like us!  Luke 2:52 points out the four areas of His life where Jesus grew:

Wisdom - IntellectuallyStature- PhysicallyFavor with God- SpirituallyFavor wiith Man- Socially

A maturing life will encompass growth in all 4 areas.  There is a tendency for Christians to focus only on spiritual growth and to neglect the others because we deem them less important.  However, we can see by Jesus’ example that we are more than just spiritual beings.  We have a physical body that we must take care of and a mind that must be stretched.  We were created to be social and develop relationships with God and people.  

What areas of growth could use more attention in your life?  How are you cultivating growth in each area?  Which of these areas is the most important to you?  Over the next few posts we’ll dive into each area more in depth and discuss ways to help consistently stimulate growth.

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