Connect the Dots

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What do you picture when you hear the word “wisdom”?  

Does someone like this come to mind….Help Needed

Or maybe more of an intellectual….  Help Needed (1)


If you’re into animals, wisdom could remind you of this…….
Help Needed (2)




But wisdom is not just about experience or intellect, and it’s definitely not about mythology. Wisdom is really about connecting the dots.

Do you remember grade school when your teacher would give you those “connect thetreatyourself. dot” worksheets?  The dots by themselves are useless, unless they are connected.  That’s the way wisdom works.  Knowledge is useless if it’s not connected to application.  Wisdom is about using knowledge in ways that will glorify God.

         Jesus grew in wisdom…. Luke 2:52


Just like Jesus, we need to grow in our knowledge.  How can we do what God says, if we don’t know what He says?   My oldest daughter Deja attends college, and last weekend we were on the phone.  I asked her if she was reading her bible regularly.  Just a little check-in from a concerned mother.  She admitted that although she does read her bible most nights, she finds it hard to understand and make it relevant for her life.  Now Deja is only on the verge of turning 21, but as her mother of a much more advanced age, I sometimes feel the same way.  This is where God comes in and helps us transform truth into wisdom that can be applied to our daily lives.  James 1:5 says,  “If you need wisdom, ask our generous God, and he will give it to you. He will not rebuke you for asking.”  God helps us connect the dots.  

Knowledge can exist without wisdom, but wisdom cannot exist without knowledge.  Are Teachers Appreciation Weekyou actively seeking God’s knowledge and truths?  Do you read not only your bible, but study other sources that will help increase your wisdom in all areas of life?  I’ve recently challenged myself  to finish a book I started on teaching, and I’m taking an extensive course on leadership at my church.  What ways will you challenge yourself to grow your knowledge and wisdom in the next few months?

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