Growing Up

Earlier this week, I wanted my 3 year old son to come into the kitchen where I was cleaning so I yelled out his name.  “Gabriel, come here! He didn’t move a muscle, but he did reply, “What’s the problem, mommy?” with a matter-of-factness unusual for a toddler. His sisters overheard this exchange and cracked up … Continue reading Growing Up

It’s Complicated

My step-brother Richard (Rick) Morgan died in a car accident on August 6, 2017,  at the age of 35.  I wrote last week about how I almost missed the funeral, because I had shown up to the wrong airport for my flight.  It was definitely God’s grace and mercy that got me back to Indianapolis, … Continue reading It’s Complicated

A Lesson on Mercy

I was standing at the airport counter last Saturday in disbelief.  The agent informed me that out of the two major airports here in Dallas, I was at the wrong one, and my flight left in one hour.  The destination was home to Indianapolis; a place I had not visited in 13 years.  The occasion … Continue reading A Lesson on Mercy