Where are You Going?

Years ago when my oldest daughter was in middle school, I decided to apply her to an academically rigorous magnet school.  I was thrilled when she got accepted.  However, the feeling was not mutual and the news was met with tears because she wanted to attend a neighborhood school with her friends.  Now that she … Continue reading Where are You Going?

Rental Rehab

No matter how many places you have lived, you always remember your first apartment. I got my first digs back in 1996.  I was totally into sunflower print, and really cheesy slipcovers that didn’t look anything like the picture on the package. The walls were that awkward white you only find in apartments, but I had … Continue reading Rental Rehab

I’m a Survivor?

In today’s economic climate, it’s not hard to imagine that a lot of people are barely “surviving”.  Most months I would include myself; hoping to make ends meet as gas, food, and other expenses seem to rise almost daily.  But today I read something that really stuck with me. “God wants us to move from … Continue reading I’m a Survivor?

Take a Look

Last week, I coached my last tournament game of the summer season.  I told my players that good competition exposes their weaknesses; the areas of skill that they need to improve upon.  I gave them an assignment to go home and write down what their strengths were, as well as their weaknesses, and make it … Continue reading Take a Look

Quitting is a Habit

I have been noticing a trend in today’s culture……quitting.  It used to be, “when the going gets tough, the tough get going”.  Billy Ocean even did a song titled that, back in the 80’s.  Now the phrase sounds more like this, “when the going gets tough, just give up!” I feel as if making a … Continue reading Quitting is a Habit