“Resistance is Futile”

I was just reading a devotion on the topic of change, and something written struck a cord with me. The writer warns against resistance to change, and the attitudes that can hinder our growth, when inevitable change occurs.  Here is a part of the reading: “So here are some attitudes you may need to adjust: … Continue reading “Resistance is Futile”

No Sprints Required

“Okay team, let’s count them up…..” I coach a girls basketball team, and to motivate the kids during practice I do something called “Sprints vs. Rewards”.  During drills, they can earn “sprints” for not hustling, not following directions, or things not being done correctly, after we have already gone over the proper execution.  But on … Continue reading No Sprints Required

Talk is Cheap

“I have always thought the actions of men the best interpreters of their thoughts.  ~John Locke There was a movie back in 2000 with Mel Gibson called, “What Women Want”.  The story is about a philandering male executive who becomes able to read the minds of women, after being electrocuted in a household accident.  He … Continue reading Talk is Cheap