I’m a Survivor?

In today’s economic climate, it’s not hard to imagine that a lot of people are barely “surviving”.  Most months I would include myself; hoping to make ends meet as gas, food, and other expenses seem to rise almost daily.  But today I read something that really stuck with me. “God wants us to move from … Continue reading I’m a Survivor?

Take a Look

Last week, I coached my last tournament game of the summer season.  I told my players that good competition exposes their weaknesses; the areas of skill that they need to improve upon.  I gave them an assignment to go home and write down what their strengths were, as well as their weaknesses, and make it … Continue reading Take a Look

“Resistance is Futile”

I was just reading a devotion on the topic of change, and something written struck a cord with me. The writer warns against resistance to change, and the attitudes that can hinder our growth, when inevitable change occurs.  Here is a part of the reading: “So here are some attitudes you may need to adjust: … Continue reading “Resistance is Futile”

No Sprints Required

“Okay team, let’s count them up…..” I coach a girls basketball team, and to motivate the kids during practice I do something called “Sprints vs. Rewards”.  During drills, they can earn “sprints” for not hustling, not following directions, or things not being done correctly, after we have already gone over the proper execution.  But on … Continue reading No Sprints Required